Healthcare Industry in the U.S.

Healthcare Industry in the U.S.

The exploding growth of wearable and body contact devices that provide biofeedback as well as real-time capture of key wellness related data from the wearer. These medical grade, wearable, body contact and “smart” devices are now increasingly available in the general marketplace for purchase at a reasonable price. These devices include:

  • Scales that not only measure weight, but can calculate Body Fat/Muscle/Bone Mass, Body Mass Index and 4 other parameters in addition to the individuals’ weight;
  • Blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose monitors that are wearable;
  • Oximeter – to measure blood oxygen level

Several new products are planned for release following FDA approval that will also allow the wearer to monitor the heart for Atrial Fibrillation, or A-Fib, which can be a dangerous condition and lead to a heart attack.

Many device manufacturers are already in the market and some well established whether in the medical market or providing devices for use in the fitness industry. Over 200 devices are already in the market not counting the apps available for the Apple Watch and the Samsung Watch that can allow these wrist or body worn devices to collect data as they are worn.

The issue, as explained further in this document, is not the creation of more devices but rather what is being done with all of the data being collected. Most device manufacturers have developed apps that are bound to their own device, collect the data, and store it in either a cloud-based data vault only accessible by the user – the classic “data silo!” Bluebox is not about devices – Bluebox is about data collection, assimilation and integration. The plethora of devices is creating a “data firestorm” and unfortunately for the patient or consumer the true value in the data collection is not the real-time but the comparison of that data both over time and with other persons of like characteristics of age, height, weight, gender, ethnicity, etc. Bluebox resolves this dilemma and as explained in the following sections of this document will create an entirely new industry for health-related data and its use.

The founders and advisors to Bluebox have decades of experience in healthcare through which they are acutely aware of the proliferation of “data,” in fact the “data overload” that is being presented to physicians and caregivers, the latest of which through the federally mandated EMR/EHR platforms. Bluebox is designed to slice through the proliferation of data, cut through the “data silos” and provide physicians and caregivers with real-time, highly actionable data presented in composite views that allow rapid assimilation of the patients condition at the present and the trends over time. Our goal is to provide tools that enhance the quality of care provided and to give the patient/consumer information that empowers them to better manage and improve their own wellness.